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tr join us on meetupRight now, join our meetup group for free to find out about upcoming screenings, small group conversations and more.


List of Fall, 2018 Classes

Write an Excellent, Short Script

Wednesday, September 26th, 7pm-9pm

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Join director and screenwriter Joshua Overbay, as he teaches a master class on writing an award-winning short screenplay. This brief, but intense, course will bring attention to all the elements needed in an excellent short script. Through the viewing and analysis of award-winning short films to the development of one’s personal writing practice, this course will empower each student to write powerful and personal short screenplays.

Hands-On Create and Shoot a Film Scene

Saturday, October 3rd, 12noon-4:30pm

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Join filmmaker Joshua Overbay, as he directs a hands-on workshop on how to shoot a great film scene. The course will begin by briefly defining each major crew position on a film set. After this, each student will be assigned a crew position. Then, the entirety of the class will assemble on set to shoot a scene. The instructor will explain each phase of production, while paying special attention to the work, process, and ethos of the Director and 1st AD. The goal will be for each person to participate in the creation of a compelling scene.

Producing + Directing the Ultra Low Budget Movie

Saturday, October 13th 12noon-4:30pm

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“Join micro-budget filmmaker Joshua Overbay, as he teaches a master class on producing and directing for the ultra-low budget movie. From building a precise pre-production, production, and post-production schedule to creating believable performances under intense time pressure, this intensive course will detail all the essential principles to producing and directing an award-winning low-budget movie.  Overbay has won over 30 awards for his short films and has directed 3 micro-budget films, one of which was deemed a “Critic’s Pick” by the NY Times.”

Eat, Drink & Watch Charlotte Film School Students’ Movies!

Saturday, October 13th 6pm-9pm

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A Party and World Premiere of 4 Student Films with The Charlotte Film School at The Third Place

A Field Trip (by Bus)

October 19th, 6pm-7pm

For Doucmentary Film Fans: A Field Trip (by bus) for $76 (includes lunch)

Friday, Oct 19, 2018, 6:00 AM

No location yet.

2 Filmmakers Attending

Want to do something totally out of your ordinary routine? This trip will not be for everybody, but it might be for you! ———————————————————————————– Cost for the day is $75. This includes lunch and all activities at the monastery (a tour, solo time, lunch) We will meet up in the Ballentyne ar…

Check out this Meetup →

Field Trip for Documentary Film Lovers to Greenville, South Carolina

Screenwriting for People who are already Good Writers

Saturday, October 20th 12noon-4:30pm

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Rodney Stringfellow Screenwriting Intensive Day

This is a day for people who are already good writers to think about, discuss and learn how to use their talents to make awesome screenplays.

Casting + Location Scouting with

Chip White

Tuesday, October 23rd 7pm-9pm

Filmmaker Chip White teaches on casting and location scouting. More details tba.

Audio Production for Filmmakers taught by Michael Quigley

Saturday, November 3rd, 12pm-5pm

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Michael Quigley teaches Audio Production for Filmmakers More details tba. Get ready for an intense, fun and informative day. Bad sound can ruin a film so pay close attention and learn how to make sure your film has the best audio possible.

The Art and Craft of Directing Short + Feature Films

Wednesday, November 7th 7pm-9pm

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Join award-winning director Joshua Overbay, as he provides a detailed analysis and discussion on how to become a successful director of short and feature films. This course will unpack all the necessary considerations that a director must make when setting out to make an honest and compelling film. From crafting incredibly realistic performances to building a shot list tailor-made for your script, Overbay will dig deep into the art and technique of directing films. You will leave this course not only more knowledgeable about the craft of directing, but also equipped to direct your own films.

Film Editing is where the Power is!

Wednesday, November 28th 7pm-9pm

On November 28th independent filmmaker and film professor Joshua Overbay, will explore the aesthetics and techniques of effective film editing. Through the viewing and careful analysis of various scenes, sequences, and moments Overbay will unpack how editors use their craft to generate deliberate emotions and sensations in the mind and body of the viewer. This course will be especially pertinent to those looking to elevate their editing skills and broaden their understanding of how various editing techniques shape the movie experience. Come prepared to watch closely, feel deeply, and think critically.

Retreat Day for Filmmakers and other Creatives

Retreat day for Filmmakers and other Creatives on a Saturday in early December.

Dates and details tba.

Led by Michael Quigley and Julie McElmurry