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Showing your movies to a live audience is the best

The Charlotte Film School does two things really well:

1. We bring together around a table professional filmmakers and the men and women who want to learn from them.

2. We organize dozens of meetups including film screenings, cast and crew calls and meetups in coffeeshops to discuss topics of interest in local filmmakers.

Do any of these descriptions sound like you:

  • You have helped make a film or even made your own but are looking for some in-person instruction to help you learn some crucial skills.
  • You want to make a name for yourself when it comes to making indie films. You know you need other people in order to achieve that since other people have complementary skills, equipment to share and other resources. You long to surround yourself with people who feel the same way about filmmaking as you do.

We created Charlotte Unconventional Film School for people like you:

  • We vary racially, by age, ethnically but share in common a love for the medium of film, a curiosity about improving  our skills and a desire to learn by doing.
  • We have some experience with filmmaking but want more.
  • We know the power of this medium.


  • CUFS brings together down-to-earth filmmaking professionals to teach skills to good people (18+). The only drama you’ll find is in some of our films.
  • The Charlotte Film School helps adults like you improve filmmaking skills through workshops and one-time classes (usually Wednesdays or Saturdays).In addition, through our meetup page, you will find a variety of ways to connect with people like you through The Charlotte Film School: https://www.meetup.com/Charlotte-Independent-Filmmaking-Meetup/




  • I would like to improve my craft. I think I understand the process but I need to learn to pay more attention to detail. I would like to know more about I need to think about.
  • Learning with others and any chance I would have to give back.
  • I have no experience with film making so I want to learn everything I can, especially when it comes to making something that can affect people in a positive way.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to be part of a community of folks trying to improve their filmmaking skills.
  • Being able to be around and learn from other creatives
  • 1) hands-on production 2) professional coaching 3) collaborative expertise and support.

Why people study with us

  • Learning more about film through workshops and networking.
  • learning filmmaking
  • I caught the film bug late in my college career & love the process, especially editing. I’m not sure I can afford to go …to pursue technical knowledge. Currently I have one client that I create promo videos for their business & I try to get as many PA jobs as I can manage in the area.
  • Learn about films
  • Learning and collaboration with likeminded individuals
  • Techniques of this communication format will positively inform my communication style.

More reasons people study with us